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 July 1, 2014                                 Written by: Stella Kidd 




Miles....    Miles....    Miles....    Constantly walking.  Constant motion.  Defined as homeless and marginally housed.  What is the definition of homeless?  Society tends to define it as someone who does not have four walls and a roof.  I also define it as those who have no connections, no attachments, no reason.  Is home more than a physical place?  Does homeless really mean ALONE?


Church Under The Bridge in Lexington, Kentucky, tries to address this situation every Sunday by providing a worship service and a hot meal to all who need.  In the process of this weekly ministry, we are exposed to some very ALONE people - from many, many walks of life, all of whom are spiritually, emotionally, physically and / or materially needy.


Jesus said: "The poor will be with you always".  Our mission must be not only to help them materially but spiritually help them understand they are not alone; that Jesus is their Savior, their companion, their friend, their comforter - that is my goal.  Regardless of the many, many miles they walk - we help them learn to walk in peace knowing that their Savior is walking right beside them.


These shoes shown in the picture below are a real pair of shoes, worn by one of our guests at Church Under The Bridge.  While substituting a new pair of shoes (given to us by one of our volunteers) for this pair, I was reminded again that there seems to be no end to the miles walked.  But NEVER, NEVER let them walk away without me (us) sharing the love of Jesus.  We must continue to be His hands and feet, and spiritually walk the miles with our guests until Heaven calls us.


I challenge each of you reading this to look inside yourself.  Where can you make a difference?  If it is spiritually, emotionally, physically or materially, PLEASE do not hesitate to get up, pray and reach out.  If you want to be involved in CUTB, then, by all means, give us a call.  If not us, then WHO?  Whose life can you help make different?   


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