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Church Under The Bridge Receives Govenor's Award


It was a very proud day for Church Under The Bridge and all of its 1000 plus volunteers.  This was the 14th year under the direction of the Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism (KCCVS) that this awards program offered a glimpse into the lives and achievments of Kentuckians who serve without expectation of compensation, recognition, or commendation.  Recognizing those whose volunteer service contributes immeasurably to a better Kentucky.

Church Under The Bridge volunteers received this Governor's Award under the "Faith-Based Group" category.  This Governor's award is to specifically thank all the many dedicated volunteers of Church Under The Bridge for their contribution to the community, and their ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and marginally housed living in the inner city of Lexington.

This award was accepted for the volunteers of Church Under The Bridge in Frankfort, Kentucky by the CUTB Board Chair, Stella Kidd.  Stella wants all of the volunteers of Church Under the Bridge and the many Churches that now rotate Sundays through the year to join her in this award, and for all involved to feel as gratefull and proud as she does to be part of such an amazing and ever giving "Faith Based organization", doing what our Lord  asked us to do, "be my hands on earth".



CUTB News and Updates
Church Under The Bridge Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Sunday June 23rd, 2013 was a very special occasion for Church Under The Bridge.  On this 10th anniversary, just as it was 10 years ago, Church Under The Bridge fed the soul as well as the body.


The afternoon service and meal were provided by Christ Church Cathedral of Lexington.  Newly ordained priest, Joe Mitchell gave a rousing sermon and the CCC Boys and Girls choir sang songs of praise.  All the members of Christ Church worked very hard to make this a memorable occasion for all.  Also in attendance for the festivities were several of the CUTB Board Members.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious hamburgers and hot dogs provided by Christ Church which were grilled by CUTB board member Caywood Prewitt and his team, along with many other fixins.  One of the Christ Church volunteers serving food said, "Money can't buy the feeling we get when one of our guests gets their plate of food and says back to you "Thank You and God Bless You My Friend"".  


After the meal, everyone was treated to a delicious cake (see picture below) and ice cream commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Church Under The Bridge.


Yes, over the past ten years CUTB has evolved in many ways to what it is today, but even with the many changes that have occured, the founding principles contained in CUTB's Mission Statement are still present today.


A large CUTB thank you to all the Church's / volunteers that have loyaly served at CUTB throughout the years with a heart for Jesus.  The Lord has definitely shown His love, guidance, and grace upon CUTB.  Happy Anniversary CUTB!!!!


Some pictures of the days activities are provided below.  To enlarge any of the pictures in the gallery please double click on the picture you wish to enlarge.

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