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Every Sunday of each month at 3:00PM, a group comes together in downtown Lexington to love God and to love their neighbors.  Church Under The Bridge is a Christ-centered ministry advancing the gospel of evangelism, social concerns and Biblical justice.  Our work is to share the hope and love of Christ with the homeless and marginally housed of the inner-city of Lexington, Kentucky.


At each gathering we begin with worship, teaching, and prayer.  This is followed by a powerful display of Christ's love with a free hot meal and many services; i.e. medical and case managment, hair styling, and clothing is available.  A Bible study is also available for our guests that are interested after the worship service.


As an urban collaborative ministry, we maintain a dynamic and shared approach to assist and empower our homeless and marginally housed guests.  We welcome the participation of Christ-centered organizations in philosophy to share in the responsibilities of outreach, growth and development of new services.


Church's interested in the many ways they may help or participate in the Church Under the Bridge, please contact us.



Church Under The Bridge Guest Articles

Church Under The Bridge Guest Articles

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Church Under The Bridge Choir


The Church Under The Bridge Choir is made up of CUTB guests and volunteers.  The Choir was formed about one year ago.  We at CUTB feel very blessed and proud to have this wonderful and amazing choir led by one of our guests Jeff.


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CUTB Volunteer Poem

Acrostic Poem                                                            


The Church Under The Bridge


Thirst - here your thirst for the knowledge of God can be quenched

Help - here help is available for all God's children

Eternal Life - here eternal life is promised to those who do God's will


Circumstances - we learn despite our circumstances God can turn everything around for our good

Hospitality & Love - is shown to all who enter the doors

Unity - here all beleivers are united in fellowship & worship

Restoration - is offered to all who want it

Comfort - is given to the lost soul

Hope - is given in the face of crisis


Understanding - you can come here to gain spiritual understanding

Nourishment - you can find physical & spiritual nourishment

Deliverance - here you can get deliverance from your sins

Encouragement - you can get encouragement from the believers

Relationships - new relationships are formed & old ones are renewed with God


Thankfulness - is exuded in the atmosphere

Healing - is given to all wounded souls

Enthusiasm - there is enthusiasm from God's Word


Believers - here believers in Christ come together to support one another in difficult times

Riches - here emphasis is placed on the heavenly riches of salvation

Instruction - here Biblical instructions for living a Godly life are given

Deliverance - here you can find deliverance from what ails you

God's Glory - is present in the fellowship & worship

Enlightenment - here you are enlightened & transformed by the Holy Spirit


                                                                           Creator: God

                                                                           Vessel: Tara McNary


Picture of the author of this acrostic poem (Tara McNary) is below

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The Church Under the Bridge Choir

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